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Project Overview
This project has a fair amount of information that needs to delivered to the website users. Our goal in this project was to lay out all those information in a clear and precise way. The information architecture in this website project needed to be easy to navigate. 

This website's primary goal was not to grow the customer. Rather provide a very detailed information to their potential clients and the existing ones.
My contributions
I was provided with the information architecture and brand materials. My job in this project was to do a quick research on the company and understand what is this company about, what are their goals. That helped me decide what kind of look do they want with this website and what kind of information or feeling they want to deliver through this website. 

Fonts, designing the interface, wireframing, prototyping and user testing was my contributions in this project.
Who, what and why
This website has quite a lot of information. I had to do a quick research on the company to understand what they're doing, what kind of feel they want with this website and make sure that the information they want to provide to their potential clients is delivered in the best way possible. 

At times, the information architecture got bit confusing. I discussed with the stakeholders through my project manager and did some tweaks to the information architecture.

Since there are a lot of sections, services and topics. I laid all of them out in a simple way. Every sections can be navigated easily.

Since this website is more about providing information than gaining the customers. The information had to be clear, simple and precise. 
Information Architecture
Color & Fonts
High Fidelity Mockup
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