Ikkunahuolto Karttunen Website
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Project Overview
The goal of this project was to design a simple website to display all the services this company provides and give users the easiest way to find the contact address and book the services.
My contributions
I was provided with the information architecture, color palette and logo. My job in this project was to refine the color palette, create a font combination, design the user interface of the project, wireframe, prototype and user test.
Who, what and why
This website is usually visited by slightly old people who have comparatively less digital intelligence that's why I designed the website as simple as possible which is easy to navigate and is super easy on the eyes. The client of this website also wanted a clean, fresh look to the website which is why we chose primary color as white and secondary colors as different shades of blue. The flow of the website is super simple, easy to navigate. The content is very optimized so that there is no visual clutter. There is all the information about the company & services that you need but not too much. The contact information is easy to find. There is an order icon in the navbar which is visible at all times. The users can swiftly place the order. 
Information Architecture
Color & Fonts
High Fidelity Mock Up
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