Photo by Sameer Shrestha on Baltic Tour 2019

Defiant is a Finnish-Nepalese musical quartet playing out of Helsinki, Finland.

Their unconventional approach to writing music and disregard for all the pre-conceived musical boundaries is what makes them unpredictable and and interesting listen.

Chaotic riffs, visceral screams, irate beatdowns and primal grooves convey a sense of panic and disorientation. The band aims to push the envelope with their music.

Genre  Tags: Hardcore, Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, Mathcore, Chaotic hardcore, Metallic hardcore, Grindcore, Powerviolence, Beatdown etc.​​​​​​​
When Saurav moved from Nepal to Finland after the death of his Nepalese metalcore band Breach Not Broken. The seed was planted for Defiant in a small town called Kuopio in eastern Finland. Though the name and members had not been found yet, the song was started to be written since.

After moving to Helsinki and exploring into the local scene in the Finnish capital. He then found Heikki and Aleksi along with prior members which finally gave birth to Defiant.

Defiant played their first show by in 2019 after the promo tape release in Squat Kumma, Helsinki with God Mother from Sweden. Show was organized by CBB Bookings.

Saurav X Tamrakar - Guitars, photo by Antti Kontoniemi

Kat - Drums, photo by Antti Kontoniemi

Heikki Elovaara - Vocals, photo by Antti Kontoniemi

Aleksi Koivistoinen - Bass, photo by Antti Kontoniemi

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